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Simulation Range

  • Tired of the same old boring firing range?
  • Would like to enhance your shooting skills but the indoor range you frequent has too many restrictive rules?
  • Are worried about your safety when shooting next to some one at other indoor ranges?
  • Do you have a significant other or a young person that would like to learn to shoot but is either deathly afraid of weapons or you're worried about their safety while learning to shoot?
  • Have you ever worried about your health with the risk of lead exposure at your current range?
  • Do you limit your practice because the ammo is too costly?
  • Would you like to stay proficient with firearms but do not own one?

Shooter Ready's state of the art indoor range solves all these problems.

With the nineteen different skill drills that provide lateral thinking, point shooting, precision shooting, drawing, control shots and many others, these drills will help train the beginner and test the advance shooter skills. We also offer many different steel courses along with different courses of fire that range from USPSA classifiers to agency qualification courses.

This is the safest and cleanest range available. Because we use Glock 22 pistols converted to shoot a laser and co2 to provide full recoil you never have to worry about your safety or health being exposed to lead contamination. This allows the person that is afraid of weapons or is a new shooter to learn in the absolute safest environment. For the experienced shooter, this also allows the rules to be less restrictive than other gun ranges but we always practice the four universal firearms safety rules. Please come practice drawing from concealment, rapid fire shots, and your tactical magazine changes. We learn from practice and if we make a mistake, in this case, we can't hurt some one else or our selves just because we want to improve our skills.

May be you are saving up to purchase a firearm but would like to stay proficient or because the cost of ammo you have restricted the amount you practice. We all know that dry practice is beneficial just ask any top competition shooter. However, many of us do not have the discipline to dry practice, find it very boring or don't have the imagination to make it fun. Shooter Ready's indoor range solves all of these issues. We provide the firearm to practice with and for the cost of an average box of ammo you can come and practice for 1/2 hour.

Colorado indoor range fees

One hour - $40
1/2 hour - $20
The average person shoots between 400-500 shots in a 1/2 hour just think if you had to buy ammo it would cost between $140 and $200.