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Colorado firearms laser engraving

Shooter Ready is now offering a way to customize your firearm with laser engraving. While we are specializing in firearms laser engraving for NFA items, deep engraving and Color laser engraving on stainless we can engrave most metals. Being the new kids on the block to laser engraving we are continuing to test our limits. What will you challenge Shooter Ready Laser Engraving to customize?

What should I know about laser engraving?

Many people feel that the actual laser engraving is the tough part and while this is somewhat true it applies to the testing of the settings that will provide the best results that has been done prior to your laser engraving project. When customers get to experience their engraving project come to life they are amazed at the efficiency of the laser engraver. This is because of the hours that have been spent testing at that Shooter Ready has invested into a higher end Fiber Laser engraver to reduce the amount of time it takes to actually laser your project.

The actual tough part about laser engraving is determining the art work. The number one question we experience is what images are available. While we do not have an artist on staff there are many of ways to acquire images. First you can provide your image in an electronic format (ie jpeg, bmp, dxf). If you original art work we can determine the best way to digitize it.