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Firearms Training

Shooter Ready brings the state of the art firearms training to the civilian market. For the beginner who has concerns or curiosities we offer the safest way to become a responsible firearms handler through the NRA First Steps or NRA Basic Pistol courses. For the novice up to the advanced shooter we offer the most cost effective firearms training system at our indoor range.

For those that are looking to be responsible CCW holders and truly want to understand the CCW responsibilities we offer a comprehensive CCW class. We also offer a class on how to purchase your CCW. We also offer decision based scenario simulation training to provide you with the closet feeling to being in a real situation.

For Law enforcement personel or agencies that do not get enough training or do not have the budget to purchase a simulator we offer decision based scenario simulator. Looking for an experience similar to how Law Enforcement and Military train.

Are you an NRA Certified instructor and can not find a place to teach. We offer both a fully updated class room and we have a special range you can rent with your specific qualification course.

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